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My name is Patrick Dam Schou and Im 29 years old from Denmark.

My Background:
I live in Greve just 20km from Copenhagen. I played soccer on a medium high level from when I was 4 years old and stopped playing when I was 16 because I started feeling a bigger passion for golf.
I finished primary school in 2010 at Ådalens Privatskole in Ishøj after 10 years. After primary school, I went to high school at Greve Gymnasium, where I studied English and Spanish with some Sport and Sports Psychology. I finished high school in 2013 and have since been playing golf as an amateur, trying to get better at what I love.  

My Golfing Background:
I have always loved everything involving a ball, and when I tried minigolf during some holidays in Greece, I wanted to try the real thing. I got a plastic set from a toy store at the age of 9 and started hitting balls in the garden at home. When my equipment broke, I wished for some new ones for my birthday. My parents told the rest of my family about my passion for golf and therefore I got a real golf set including golf lessons, so I could learn what it was all about.
I started in CGC Golf Club (Copenhagen Golf Center) in Vallensbæk, where I had some lesson with the pro Catherine Uldall Urne.
She told me that I might be good someday. I then started practicing and tried out a few other coaches before I started with Leif Nyholm (former coach for Thomas Bjørn) in Nivå Golfclub. Leif Nyholm had to help Thomas Bjørn again, so he sent me off to Peter Thomsen. I really enjoyed practicing and learned a lot in that time. When I was about 12 years old, I started not feeling well on the golf course. I wanted to perform good every single time, and that just made me feel bad and uncomfortable. It got too serious for me. I therefore took a break. I had some help from a mental coach and I started to have fun again. When I was about 15 I started playing again and in the break, I had only practiced a little. When I played on the course,
I only played with my dad and his friends.
I started working with pro Christina Kuld (former Ladies European Tour player). I used her for a few years, where she helped me a lot.
When I was 19/20 years old I got introduced to John Davies in Dragør Golfclub (former coach for Nanna Koerstz Madsen (Ladies European/PGA Tour player))
In 2015 I moved to Dragør Golfclub after 10 years in CGC Golf Club.
In 2017, I decided to turn professional with a handicap of +1.2 and played a few events on the ECCO Tour/Nordic League.
Didn't play as much as planned, because I had some mental issuses that had to be sorted out. Turning professional apparently wasn't so easy... I started to work with a mental coach named Thomas Danielsen and he got my head in the right direction.
In 2018 I played half a season on the German Pro Golf Tour (former EPD Tour) after getting the best category at Qualification School.
After a decent half season on the Pro Golf Tour I decided to switch back to the Nordic League for 2019.

My Goals:
To play on the European Tour, play Majors and of course the
Ryder Cup




T9 - Fanefjord Skovpavillon Møn Open
2nd – Sorø Elite Masters


T14 – Hovborg Kro Open
T14 – DGU Elite Tour II Herrer
13th – Santa Maria Furesøpokalen


T17 – The Gecko Tour Parador Golfclub (Pro Tour) (best AM.)
T14 – The Gecko Tour Atalaya Golfclub (Pro Tour) (best AM.)
15th – The Gecko Tour El Paraiso Golfclub (Pro Tour)



T12 – The Gecko Tour Atalaya Golfclub
16th – The Gecko Tour La Quinta Golfclub


21st - PGT Leipziger Golf Open (70, 67, 73 - Total: -6 )
1st - Dragør Pokalen (66, 69, 71 - Total: -7 )


T19 - NGL ECCO Tour Spanish Masters (67, 76, 70 - Total: -1)
T10 - NGL Skåne Challenge by Ahlsell (78, 68, 71 - Total: +1)
T24 - NGL Stora Hotellet Fjällbacka Open (64, 76, 68 - Total: -5)
- NGL Gamle Fredrikstad Open (68, 71, 74 - Total: -3)
T24 - NGL UNICEF Championship (75, 75, 72 - Total: +6)
T12 - NGL The Nordcenter Fream Extreme (70, 72 - Total: -2)

About me

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